Britta Schwalenberg

One of Germany´s leading home shopping jewelry presenters, Britta Schwalenberg has over 20 years’ experience. Beginning on-air with Diamonds, she has presented almost every gemstone variety available over thousands of shows.

Britta’s passion for jewelry began when she was a little girl, playing with her grandmother’s impressive collection. Telling her countless stories surrounding the mystery of precious jewels, Britta’s grandmother introduced her to the world of fine gemstones. Aquamarine remains one of Britta’s favorite gems, not only because their clear colors remind her of the warm and inviting waters of the Caribbean, but also because a dainty Aquamarine pendent was one of the first pieces of jewelry her grandmother gave her.

To this day, Britta is still fascinated by gemstone legend and lore. From the stories surrounding Cleopatra and her crush on gemstones, to the connection (and passion) fine jewelry has with European royalty, Britta’s interest also extends to modern legends surrounding newer gems such Tanzanite, as well as the latest celebrity fashions. Now with Gem Adventurer™, Britta’s ability to recount fascinating gemstone tales creates a magical bond with her audience.

Not surprisingly, Britta loves colored gemstone jewelry that tells a story or has a message to share. Her personal style is very unique; big and bold gemstone earrings, large pendants, unusual settings, as well as organic gemstones, such as Amber. As children, Britta and her brother were crazy about finding Amber on beaches after a stormy night at the Eastern Sea. To the young Britta, they looked like a little sun and Amber still warm’s her heart today. Emerald is another favorite, after she received a love letter that compared her green eyes to the most beautiful Emerald ever found. She is also fascinated by the shimmer of Labradorite that to Britta looks like a mysterious lake in a fairytale-world. Other favorites include Black Diamonds, Opal and Turquoise (her engagement gemstone).

Possessing a daring and fearless personality, Britta as a teenager became a skydiver in the East German national team, winning the German Junior Championships. After a thousand jumps, she still maintains an intense passion for blue skies and free fall. Her diverse studies include acting, economics, foreign languages, Japanese literature, philosophy, and psychology. These unconventional life choices and a free spirit have seen Britta sleeping in tents in the African bush, adopting homeless animals, and working as a charismatic mental coach. She has even visited gemstone mines including, South Africa’s Cullinan Diamond Mine where Britta found the miner’s efforts to endure the darkness, confined spaces, and temperature for only a handful of Diamonds a day, truly inspiring.

Britta thinks people should own colored gemstone jewelry as colors express our soul and influence our life in every way. For Britta, gems are fun and instinctive. She recommends that people trust their instincts when buying colored gemstone jewelry by starting with their favorite color. Britta also thinks it important to feel one with your new jewelry by letting it be kissed by the sun, not hidden in a jewelry box. Lastly, she advises to always clean your jewelry, so it can be appreciated and adorned for generations.

Britta’s varied experiences, spirituality and deep connection with the beauty of life has intensified her passion for colored gemstones. Working as an actress, model or television presenter, her charming dynamism is truly inspiring.