Eli Rifkind

Working in the gemstone industry for 18 years, Eli Rifkind is an American gemstone buyer and jeweler who has appeared on television shopping channels in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and the UK. With over 1,000 hours on-air, Eli is an experienced television home shopping guest who specializes in identifying market opportunities for a diverse array of colored gemstones. With extensive expertise in jewelry design and merchandising, Eli’s focus is fine quality at competitive prices.

A New York native, Eli was attracted to the gem business not only because of an early fascination with gemstones, but also because of the opportunity to travel. Starting with a loose gem wholesaler on the famous gemstone trading district of New York’s 47th Street, after three years Eli moved to Bangkok, Thailand to establish a sales office for a US-based gem trading company targeting jewelry manufactures in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Given the trend of the global industry, Asia is the place to be for gemstones and jewelry, and Eli soon fell in love with Thailand, its people, culture and food.

After four years, Eli made the tough decision to move back to New York to work for an American jewelry company. Initially employed to source gemstones, Eli became increasingly involved in jewelry design and merchandising. After three years in New York, Eli returned to Bangkok to establish a Thai-based sales team for his employer.

Working as a gemstone and jewelry professional has definitely afforded Eli some unique personal experiences. He has had the opportunity to travel the world and critically, lifelong friendships have been formed. Networking is extremely important in the gemstone and jewelry business and over the years, Eli has established vital contacts in the global industry.

Eli lives in Bangkok with his wife and their two boys. In Eli’s own words, “My 18 years working with gemstones has seen countless priceless objects cross my hands, truly reinforcing the amazing beauty and extreme rarity these natural wonders possess. My passion for gemstones remains as strong as ever and if Gem Adventurer™ fires yours, then we’ve done our job”.