Minway Chi

Working in the gemstone and jewelry industry for 11 years, Minway Chi GG (GIA) was literally born into the business. One of Minway’s earliest memories was counting Rubies and Sapphires at his father’s jewelry workshops in Thailand when he was four years old. While Minway was growing up with his aunt, a leading merchandiser for a range of prestigious jewelers, his father’s company was growing into one of the top five jewelry exporters in Thailand.

Born and raised in New York City, before graduating from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2003, Minway worked in online business development and marketing, lighting design, and even as a DJ in some of New York’s top clubs. A GIA graduate gemologist and accredited jewelry professional, Minway is an experienced gemstone buyer, jeweler, merchandiser, and on-air guest.

Minway’s first job in the gemstone and jewelry industry was as a Diamond buyer for a bridal jewelry company located near New York’s famous gemstone trading district on 47th Street. In 2004, Minway moved to Thailand to work at his father’s jewelry workshops where he gained vital experiential skills in jewelry design, production and merchandising. Leaving his father’s company in 2006, Minway joined a Hong Kong based jeweler as a gemstone buyer. This jeweler specialized in supplying television home shopping networks, enabling Minway to fine-tune his jewelry design, production and merchandising skills for this important market segment.

In 2009 Minway joined Eli Rifkind to establish a Thai office targeting home shopping television networks for a US-based jeweler. Critical behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, Minway manages the Gem Adventurer™ dedicated jewelry workshop in Bangkok, Thailand that employs 140 gemstone and jewelry professionals, as well as handling our jewelry design and development.

A talented jewelry professional with a passion for gemstones, Minway is the main person responsible for Gem Adventurer™ jewelry. Minway lives in Bangkok with his wife.