Roger Zuschlag

In a relatively short time, Roger Zuschlag has made a name for himself in the jewelry industry.  Born in Duisburg, Germany, Roger started in jewelry helping his partner, Claire Runken, with business and product development. Founding their own company in 2011, today they are the European product development and distribution arm of Gem Adventurer™.

Roger is a certified engineer specializing in casting, material testing, metallurgy, and production technics. Possessing an extensive technical knowledge, Roger’s engineering background provides him with a solid understanding of jewelry production and quality assurance. The turn of the millennium saw Roger work in the financial sector for nearly a decade. This career change provided him with a solid understanding of financial calculations and organization, strengthening Roger’s long established B2B distribution experience.

Proficient working internationally, Roger’s month long journeys as a project manager for a major German engineering company saw him travel throughout Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. With his entry into the jewelry industry, Roger has also travelled to China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Roger is responsible for business organization, financial calculations, and quality management as well as researching new design ideas for key accounts. As part of Gem Adventurer™, Roger and Claire frequently travel to Asia to discover new and fascinating gemstones. In close collaboration with the team’s jewelry designers, they then develop new products and collections for the European market.