Tenner Diniz

Tenner Diniz is a renowned gemstone buyer, gem collector and one of the world’s most experienced lapidaries. True ‘artists in stone’, a lapidary is a virtuoso skilled in the art of pre-forming, cutting, faceting, and polishing gemstones, an art-form Tenner has worked hard to master during his 10 years in the gem business. Tenner comes from the town of Governador Valadares in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Renowned for gemstone mining, cutting and trading, Governador Valadares is the gem capital of Brazil.

Gemstones have always been part of Tenner’s life. When Tenner was old enough to enter the industry, he focused on lapidary, gradually moving from pre-forming to slicing to cutting and then polishing. Today, he is also a gemstone buyer and collector who has travelled to over 19 countries in his hunt for gemstones.

Tenner is fascinated by lapidary as it gives him the ability to transform rare, natural crystals into beautiful gemstones. The skill of making a gem assume a certain shape, revealing its hidden luster, color and brilliance is the challenge for Tenner. Not only does Tenner travel the world hunting for raw gem crystals, but once sourced, his goal is ensure each gemstone reaches its full potential. Tenner also belongs to the elite among lapidaries that can expertly facet Kunzite, a gemstone many cutters find challenging. More importantly, Tenner can cut any colored gemstone and has personally cut some of the gems you’ll see on Gem Adventurer™.

A familiar face for jewelry shoppers due to his numerous appearances on television shopping channels in Australia, France, Germany, Italy and the UK, Tenner has also appeared in a gemstone documentary filmed in Brazil airing in Europe.

Tenner is married and has two girls. When not travelling, he splits his time between Brazil and Thailand.