Our Story

Gem Adventurer™ is a Bangkok-based gemstone and jewelry workshop specializing in themed, guested events on home shopping television networks around the globe.

Gem Adventurer™ is an old, new company. With over 70 year’s collective experience, our management team includes internationally renowned gemstone experts and jewelry designers, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields. Gem Adventurer™ is a privately owned business that operates a dedicated jewelry workshop in Bangkok, Thailand employing 140 gemstone and jewelry professionals. Thailand is a major international trading, processing and manufacturing center for colored gemstones and jewelry. For example, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world’s Sapphire output and 90 percent of the world’s Ruby production pass through Thailand on their journey from the mine to the final consumer.

All Gem Adventurer™ jewelry is crafted to precise specifications using authenticated quality gemstones and materials. Gem Adventurer™ brings jewelry connoisseurs an exquisite range of gem-set gold, platinum and silver jewelry, including exclusive collections that cover every taste from classic to contemporary.

As gemstones traditionally pass through a seven-tier supply chain on their journey from the mine to the final customer, Gem Adventurer™ favor a mine to market distribution model that removes as many middlemen as possible. This distribution model also safeguards provenance, allowing us to authenticate the origin of our gemstones and to ensure any enhancements and treatments applied are fully disclosed. Purchasing from known and trusted suppliers, all our gemstones have been purchased from legitimate suppliers. Gem Adventurer™ fully complies with the Kimberley Process, the global system to eradicate conflict diamonds.